Commercial Architecture:
The Wren Group, along with its architectural partner office, Cornwall Associates, Inc. Pasadena, CA, tag team commercial architecture, urban planning and renovations.

Commercial Planning:
The Wren Group turns interior planning into construction planning and ultimately into livable commercial tenant environments. Creativity, a design sense and a feel for the architecture provides our clients with fresh efficient space.

Interior Design:
The Wren Group’s feel for the architecture, the architectural environmental impact on the tenants and the all important budgets, allows us to create environmental friendly interiors using earth friendly materials and finishes while being fore reaching. These interiors are easy to live in and easy to maintain all the while being cutting edge.

Interior Planning:
The Wren Group plans “a lot” of square feet of space. Our clients reach across all disciplines, Commercial office, Medical office, Surgical Centers, Hospitality and Government. We are aware that our creative design influence impacts, schedules, budgets and critical time lines. With this in mind, we know it is our job to keep a project moving.

The Wren Group researches and specifies furniture and fixtures to augment our interior design, after all what is a beautiful dress without the handbag and shoes. Working alongside well seated dealers, we assist in the coordination and installation of furniture, fixtures, art and plants for our clients.

Residential Architecture:
The Wren Group designs the kitchen, the bath and for that matter the entire house.

Site Documentation:
The Wren Group, using the BOMA standards of measure, document thousands of square feet each year for our clients. We archive those measures and keep them readily available to assist in the management and then leasing of commercial properties.